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Edward H. Mitchell


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Gallery #Two of Mitchell Postcards

Pacific Novelty Co.

As a collector of postcards, some of my favorites are the postcards published by Edward H. Mitchell, that all collectors agree, was one of the most prolific publishers of the West. Because of the many postcards I have collected I decided to create a slide show. By enlarging the postcards I have found many details that I did not notice when I was holding the postcards in my hand. There are 3 postcards all numbered 135. They are all taken at the Sutro baths, the first is in color and is a copy of the 3rd which is a black and white. The publisher decided to create a color postcard from the 3rd postcard but that was not enough of a challenge so he added a couple of extras on to the color postcard. I am sure as people view this slide show there will be more oddities found. I hope you enjoy another of one of my walks down memory lane.

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